Preparing for coding interviews

Это событие прошло
Это событие прошло.
Проект Preparing for coding interviews продолжается, но следующее событие по нему пока ещё не объявлено.

Essentially this is an English speaking club, but with solving coding problems. Our meetings have no structure so far, we just use Leetcode, Hackerrank, and the "Cracking the Coding Interview" book. That simple. We'll get more organized a bit later.

We are a friendly community, but If you'd like we could simulate a real-world whiteboard interview, including:

  • Judgemental stares at you for minor typos and missing semicolons
  • Condescending remarks about your answers
  • Asking you impossibly hard questions and pretending we didn't have to decipher available solutions for two days beforehand

Joking, don't be stressed too much. Just say hello, introduce yourself, and start geeking out.

Our telegram group: https://t.me/coding_interviews_prep_msk
Our repo: https://github.com/koddo/coding-interviews-prep-msk/